Estopear – Floor wax Stripper and Cleaner


ESTOPEAR is a multipurpose heavy duty biodegradable floor stripper and cleaner which cleans and leaves an everlasting fresh fragrance.



AVO 6005 is a General Purpose Cleaner used for Floor polish remover and wax stripper. It is exceptionally designed to remove flooring materials such as Acrylic copolymer, from operating Equipment and from floors with excellent results. It is Biodegradable, virtually considered mildly corrosive due to build in inhibitors, non-flammable with, Polish, Rust Remover to prevent flash rusting after treatments, and cleaning It also contains surfactants that are effective dispersants which prevent re-deposition of debris onto already cleaned surfaces. It is not detrimental to ceramic & plastic tiles. It is also safe on Stainless steel, Galvanized Mild Steel, Chrome, and brass metals. It is compatible with most metals and their alloys. However it may or not discolor certain alloys of Aluminum, Magnesium, zinc and others after prolonged exposure. When used in food processing Plants, food contact surfaces needs to be rinsed with portable water before re-use for safety reasons. AVO 6005 is usually circulated from the top down to other parts of the operating Equipment for effective cleaning with good ventilation.
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