Testing Services

Solar, Metal Finishing, PCB Fabrication, EPA approved MICROBIOCIDEs for Cooling Towers & Wastewater Treatement Systems, SANITIZERS, Hard Surface Cleaners and Environmental Technologies

Testing Services

  • Analysis of waste water for contaminants such as heavy metal, etc.
  • Organic and Halide Content analysis
  • Peel Strength Test for Adhesion Promoter of multilayer board(MLB) manufacture
  • General Industry and Plating bath analysis
  • Micro-sectioning for Defects in MLB process
  • Photography of corrosion and Other Metal defects
  • Corosion analysis on metals and Chemical resistance test on metal parts and plastic containers


Experimental Recyclable Wire Cutting Products Research is in progress at Avo Tech International Inc.


Instron Model 4000 Peel Tester calibrated to ASTM standard for performing tensile or Peel Strength Test at Avo Tech International Inc


Microscopes for Surface Analysis