Goals & Objectives

Solar, Metal Finishing, PCB Fabrication, EPA approved MICROBIOCIDEs for Cooling Towers & Wastewater Treatement Systems, SANITIZERS, Hard Surface Cleaners and Environmental Technologies


      • Establishment/Implementation of Innovative Products (Environmentally Friendly Alternate Oxide & Recyclable Solar Technology Products & etc)
      • Survival- To satisfy Aims of its Stakeholders
        • Resource Energy
        • Sound Business Practice
      • Growth- in Market Share
        • Proactive Change Essential in a Dynamic Business Environment.
        • Firm Competitive Ability
      • Profitability- Mainstay of Avo Tech International Organization
        • Over the Long Term
        • Decision Based on Short term Results in Strategic Myopia.


      • Revenue- add Revenue by 75% by 2030
      • Profitability
      • Productivity & Operation -Reduce Reject by 99% year 2030
      • Increase ROI from 10% to 15%
      • Shareholders Value or Wealth Increase Stock Price or better Share by 2030
      • Competitive Position
      • Sales increase -Sales by 25%per year for 5 yrs.
      • Market Share- Increase by 25% per year for 5 yrs.
      • Research & Sales of Recyclable Wire Cutting Fluids & Environmentally Friendly Alternate Oxide, metal Finishing, General Industry Products, and Cleaners to Exceed $10M by 2030
      • Improve Employee Development, Morale, & Relationship by 20%
      • Improve Technological Leadership Worldwide by 10%/year
      • Responsibility to Customers & Society at Large

Global Quality Policy Journey

The main focus of the company is meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations with continuous improvement of high quality products, testing methods, processes, and services is reflected on its vision. The company also recognizes that to be successful

      • It must have trust and dependability on the skills and dedication of its people (the employees)
      • Provide continuous training for all employees to perform their work more effectively
      • Employee’s participation in decision making process that would affect all employees
      • Well established annual objectives and goal for the Company business, processes and the employees
      • Work fervently in a continuous manner to improve the Quality management system effectiveness by monitoring progress made
      • Continually measuring company and employees performance and taking necessary actions to realize the goals and objectives for each year
      • Continuous resilience efforts of improving our processes to reduce product variability, cost, and improve on product quality and reliability
      • Striving for operational excellence in all our undertakings
      • Effective communication of business quality culture amongst employees, customers, and to the community

Avo Tech also has established teams and is viewed highly by both executives and employees as the most effective component to execute the company’s quality strategy. The company encourages innovation and provides a structured manner in linking ideas for a new product development with a possible corporate business plan. The vision, goals, and values define Avo Tech International quality culture, quality management principles and techniques which are intertwined throughout the company’s business activities. In a nutshell by continuously developing our employees with training, their participation in these activities, and constant customer interaction, Avo Tech International would provide extraordinary customer satisfaction. With these clear objectives the company would achieve the “Best in Class “performance and have competitive edge against the competition.