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Solar, Metal Finishing, PCB Fabrication, EPA approved MICROBIOCIDEs for Cooling Towers & Wastewater Treatement Systems, SANITIZERS, Hard Surface Cleaners and Environmental Technologies

The AVO TECH International Hard Surface Cleaner Product Line.

Mission Statement

Avo Tech International Inc. being a research, development and testing facility is committed to provide its customers with innovative, practical top-quality products and service that save time and improve the manufacturing of electronic components or the fabrication of PC boards, Ingot slicing to wafers, metal finishing, and environmental processes. Our mission is to keep our customers happy in a partnership relationship to satisfy their needs which in turn help the community. It is our organization’s culture that customer comes first and king. We will continue to create quality products for our customers with the help of our vendors and strong financial position. Avo Tech would optimize our investments in materials, equipment and process technology to benefit our customers, to secure a superior return for our shareholders and provide extraordinary growth opportunities for our employees. We Value our people, who share our passion for customer satisfaction, embrace the highest business and ethical standards, and are located in all of the global markets where our customers conduct business. We work together in applied research and development programs, across company and functional lines and bring our competencies together to fulfill our mission. Our organizational culture also prepares us for constant change and fast response to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.



Dr. Abayomi Owei is somebody you can trust. He is there for you. He is dedicated, hardworking knowledgeable and most of all, honest. I have known Dr. Abayo for more than ten years and he is the person you can rely on.”  He knows his stuff and will work very hard with you to get results.

Sonia V.
Quality Assurance Engineer
Innovative Surgical Products

AVO Tech International offers high quality service and expert analysis. AVO Tech combines technical competence with dependability. AVO Tech utilizes a variety of analytical techniques to assist customers in solving their technical problems expeditiously and with much accuracy.

Kathy E.
Mountain State regional Manager
Technica USA Inc.


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