Development & Improvements

Solar, Metal Finishing, PCB Fabrication, EPA approved MICROBIOCIDEs for Cooling Towers & Wastewater Treatement Systems, SANITIZERS, Hard Surface Cleaners and Environmental Technologies

Continuous Developments / Improvements

Avo Tech International offers research in continuous developments and improvements for multi-layered circuit boards.

Influence of Micro-sectioning to Uncover the Impact of Alternative Oxide Coating and Post Treatment on Pink Ring and Delamination of Multilayer Printed Circuit Board

Part B:

Micro-sectioning for PTH Quality Inspection at Avo Tech International Inc.

  • Micro-sectioning or Cross-sectioning is a very unique technique of a in depth analysis of PTH (Plated through holes) in printed circuit board manufacture or construction by preparing a section of the board perpendicular to the area of interest or in question. The test section often is pretreated with Thermal shock (280°F) and quenched in cold water to reveal hidden defects (micro-cracks) when micro-sectioned which may not be seen otherwise.

Microscopes for Surface Analysis

  • Avo Tech helps its customers with this technology to reveal Pink ring, wedge voids, and delamination problems during the manufacture of Multi-layers printed circuit board.