Virtuoso – Tile and Grout Cleaner with Polishing Agent


Virtuoso is a heavy duty Tile and Grout cleaner. An excellent heavy duty household cleaning degreaser for household and Engine, Auto repair shops



AVO3000A TILE & GROUT CLEANER and CONTROL: Excellent Heavy- Duty De-greaser for Household Cleaning Needs & Engine /Automobile Repair Shops.

Avo3000A General Purpose Cleaner is very effective as a Degreaser, Floor, Tile, and Grout cleaner. It removes fingerprints, grime, film, dirt or hydrocarbon build-up on engines, wheels, auto parts, ovens, grills, hoods, drive-way, stove and counter tops leaving parts sparkling and shiny clean. NO Phosphates, No Ammonia. It is “Very Fast Acting and Completely Soluble in water Alkaline cleaner and degreaser.”

It is also highly efficient to remove soap scum, and grease on shower stalls, Bathrooms, floors and walls in kitchens, bakeries, fish markets, Trash rooms, loading docks, and super market meet rooms and etc. CLEAN & LEAVE EVERLASTING FRESH FRAGRANCE.

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